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Due to government shutdown

If working independently, compare pricing with other independent contractors’ prices

I laid awake last night thinking of jobs that can be more or less temporary, but at least pay minimum wage. This isn’t intended for replacement job ideas, but as something that might make a mortgage or rent payment for you until the government starts paying you again. Many people use these jobs to supplement their regular wages.

This is by no means a complete list. Anyone who knows of, or thinks of something I left out, please leave me a message and I will add it. Share this list with any form of media or print it and hang on bulletin boards. We need to help each other.


Uber or Lyft Driver (clean car in good condition and driver’s license required)

Handyman (Some skill/tools required) Advertise, Local HOA, Craig’s List or Sign with Home Advisor, Angie’s List, etc.

  • Interior or exterior painting
  • Hauling debris/trash
  • Hanging ceiling fans/lights
  • Fixing clogged or leaky faucets/sinks
  • Installing shelving/closet kits
  • Moving furniture
  • Weed removal, hedge/tree trimming, light landscaping
  • Snow shoveling and de-icing
  • Furniture repair

Window Washing – residential or commercial

General Cleaning Services

Temporary Companion for Sick or Disabled

Driver – HandiCab or other transportation for the disabled or elderly

Deliveries: Pizza, Flowers, Groceries

File with Online Temp Services – Onforce, FieldNation, Swifthires, Craig’s List, etc.

Tutoring English, math, etc.

Waiter or waitress/bartender (small wage, but includes tips)

Typing & printing reports, thesis papers, or resumes for college students

Places that might hire furloughed gov’t workers: Home Depot, Lowes

Some schools currently hire people with a particular background or service experience to substitute teach, no teaching credentials required. Ex: accountants, mechanics, writers, secretaries

If your spouse is more employable, consider switching child care roles until gov’t opens up again.


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