Ambidextrous Thoughts

This site is intended to offer research and commentary on current events covering a wide scope of topics. Over and over again, I see social media offering quick access to the latest news or trend, but often with very little thought or fact-checking put into it, which lends itself to misleading half-truths. The intent here is not to take a political side, but to discuss the differences expressed by many who use social media as their source of news and information. My aim is to look at both extremes of a topic, and try to find a way to come together. I welcome input and suggestions on subjects that you’d like to know more about. Some conversations may have a political theme, but I hope to discuss issues that affect our everyday life, whether it be what kind of education our children are really getting, why are medication prices spiraling out of control, are unions a help or a hindrance to our workers today, or what “entitlement” really means. Bookmark this spot and see how we do as we try to make a fair place to open discussions on the subjects that interest you most. By – JRBecker



My goal is to bring together ideas or information about various topics of interest in today’s world. I will try to discuss issues that relate to the majority of people in the United States. I don’t represent any special interest group. Once I decide on a topic, my information will come from various forms of research. For example, I might talk to an instructor or a person with experience in the field I’m writing about. Then I would take the information from that source and research it further, from books, or on the Internet at well-known and credible sites. The final research sources, such as news articles, books, or quotes will be found within my articles. I will be looking into two or more sides of any topic I select, and do not presume to offer a solution, but rather to make suggestions that may lead to more discussion, and possibly  ideas that might make us all more inclined to consider a different opinion, and maybe band together for workable solutions. Updates will be forthcoming on subjects that bring about substantial discourse.
Besides this web page, I have a Facebook and a Twitter account #JRBecker.